Is overpopulation the main cause of India not producing great mathematicians like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Sridharacharya and Ramanujan?

By Sunil Kumar According to me; no. All of these mathematicians you mentioned were the product of a different cultural milieu. A way of life that prized learning above all else. The Greek philosopher/polymath Pythagoras acknowledged his debt to the …

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Who was Kalhan, the Writer of Rajtarangini? In which king’s court did he live?

By Sunil Kumar For the story of Kalhan(or Kalhana); we need to take a trip nearly 900 years into the past. The son of a Kashmiri minister Carpaka; he was most probably a Brahmin who wrote the Rajtarangini(literally “River of …

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Litfest: Day 3

By Sunil Kumar Finally; concluding my account of the 6th TOI Mumbai Litfest I went to(2017) and the Sunday(Dec 17) in general. After a delightful, spiritually uplifting lecture by an ISKCON Prabhu; I decided to take an UBERPool to the …

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How were ministers in royal courts selected in Ancient and Medieval India?


By Sunil Kumar Ancient and Medieval India is a long span of time characterised by many different kingdoms, ways of thinking, invasions and a change in thinking. However; there is still an underlying unified continuity. Earliest period: Indus Valley Civilization …

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Are Indian textbooks teaching true history?


By Sunil Kumar(My Quora answers continued) Well; my answer to this question is subjective; based on my personal opinion, like most of Quora on a daily basis. We have to fundamentally examine what we mean by history. Is it the …

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देववानी प्रवेसिका


By Sunil Kumar आ नो भद्राः करतवो कष्यन्तु विश्वतो. – Let noble thoughts come to us from every side(Rig Veda) An attempt to get acquainted with the divine language has led me to understanding the many variations of its grammar. …

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Who is Rajiv Malhotra? What is the hype about “The Battle For Sanskrit”?


By Sunil Kumar Rajiv Malhotra is an Indian-American author and Hindu activist who, after a career in the computer and telecom industries, took early retirement in 1995 to found The Infinity Foundation, which focuses on Indic studies and promotes a …

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