How did World War I lead to the appointment of Hitler?

By Sunil Kumar

World War I was mainly due to the rivalry of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm and Britain. Ironically; Germany had only become united in the 19th century; with the strongest state being Prussia controlled by a Chancellor Bismarck. Wilhelm was also the grandson of the British queen Victoria; who died in 1901.

WWI started due to a trifling reason in modern terms; the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian in Sarajevo. Latent tensions, fewer colonies and the desire to dominate Europe was the core catalyst for the war effort. After 1918; with Germany comprehensively beaten and on its knees; it was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles; and more land was taken away.

English: Adolf Hitler as a soldier during the ...

Visit English: Adolf Hitler as a soldier during the First World War (1914 – 1918) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Economic depression; and sky-high hyperinflation led to their currency becoming worthless(Weimar Republic mark); and Adolf Hitler; a mere corporal in the First World War; gradually rose after the Beer Hall Putsch arrest; and his National Socialist(Nazi) party helped by German industrialists and their money; coupled with support of the people. Also; there was a tendency in Europe(especially in Germany) to blame the Jews for most things; due to historical and cultural reasons. The Nazi party also used the fierce opposition and intimidatory tactics of the Communist parties; as a ruse.

Hitler used all of this to his advantage; built up his party; and after winning the elections; formed the government. He persuaded von Hindenburg; the President to issue an emergency decree after a mysterious Reichstag(German parliament) fire; and within a year became the supreme leader of the Third Reich.

(To read more: Shirer: Rise and Fall of the Third Reich).


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