Why were Western political leaders like Nixon not too fond of Indira Gandhi?

By Sunil Kumar

She probably served as a reminder that the rest of the world; especially India could also stand up for itself; and manage to do the same wheeling and dealing the West has done throughout history. And then it does sanctimonious preaching everywhere.

Even if we don’t agree with all Mrs. Indira Gandhi did in her many years in power; she was a formidable leader with more spine than many politicians of the time.

In comparison; American Presidents are usually patrician; male, white(with one exception), Euro-Centric and for want of a better word; generally look at India with blinkered vision. Also; Nixon is already infamous in their history for what came later; Watergate. According to late British journalist Christopher Hutchens; Nixon’s secretary of state Kissinger was one of the greatest war criminals ever.

See link : Is this man a war criminal?

Also; the Soviet Union; America’s greatest superpower foe was friendly to Mrs. Gandhi and the world was clearly divided into two circles of influence. Even in 2017; they are still paranoid about Russia; even though it’s not as powerful. So; why would an infamous notorious President be any different.

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