Why was Hitler defeated in Russia?

By Sunil Kumar

Hitler was defeated in Russia for a simple reason: he was overconfident, smug and arrogant.

The long story; after Hitler began rearming Germany in the mid 30s and assisted the winning side in Spain; he saw the capitulation of the major world powers of the time; Britain and France and their knee-jerk appeasement of the Nazi dictator.

The relative ease with which he swept through continental Europe; a combination of his meticulously built war machine; his own intelligence was also assisted by the military prowess and advice of his generals.

Using his warped racial theories; Russia was a big country with Slavs ripe for conquest and similarly Ukraine a bread basket for the Germanic people; in Nazi words Lebensraum(the territory which a group, state, or nation believes is needed for its natural development).

Operation Barbarossa(the German invasion of the Soviet Union) went spectacularly well at first; and by now Hitler was convinced of his invincibility. He had committed himself on two fronts(Britain was also being attacked; most of Europe under his control) and still apparently managed to sustain his war machine.

But when the tide of the war began to change and he suffered reverses; he did not accept the counsel of his generals to pull out quickly out of personal pride. Just as well; for a world under Nazi domination would have been a nightmare. Soviet head honcho “Red Tsar” Stalin also had to avenge his betrayal by Hitler and managed to put together more men than had been seen before at the time.

The Russian winter had proved to be the undoing of Napoleon; and so it was with Hitler. Military machines need logistical backing; and this was hard to do as more than a few supply lines were severed.

Also; America and Britain now on the Soviet Union’s side due to dual Nazi war fronts was not good for Germany’s cause. Even though his country was a formidable world power in military and technology; Hitler still underestimated his opponents and managed to bring together two very big foes. Due to all of this; I think Hitler was defeated in Russia.

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