Why do Indians believe that India never invaded other countries? Didn’t Ashoka, Maurya and others actually have kingdoms upto Afghanistan and beyond?

By Sunil Kumar

Yes, you are partially correct.

However, Afghanistan in ancient times was part of the Indic sphere of influence and were technically in the Indian subcontinent.

If you launch into an analogy of comparison with the new-fangled Western notions of nation-state, you have to realize that practically the entire world was composed of kingdoms, kings and emperors in the ancient world.

The Nehruvian leftist worldview that pervaded the teaching of history was skewed towards teaching more of recent medieval history including the Mughals etc.

I studied in Maharashtra, so there was adequate focus on Shivaji, Tanaji etc. But, I know for a fact that CBSE and ICSE(the other boards prevalent in that period) had detailed but biased historical accounts.

For instance, we never heard of the Kashmiri Lalitaditya who was a great military genius and had captured the Central Asian Highlands in the 7th-8th centuries.

Similarly, the great influence of Kalinga(modern-day Odisha) and South Indian dynasties in all of South East Asia(From Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines) was never adequately covered in the syllabi.

Indians have been inclined to believe in a created mythology of history by leftist types which lays great emphasis on pacifism and non-violence in the Gandhian mould rather than tales of military valour, strategic success or cultural influence.

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