Why didn’t Hitler invade Leichtenstein?

By Sunil Kumar

Leichtenstein is a very small country; so irrelevant to the Nazi war machine which had much bigger aims and huge countries in mind in order to achieve Lebensraum: more land for the Germanic people E.G: The former Soviet Union(present-day Ukraine, Russia etc).


Also; the country’s geographic position creates a logistical challenge. Bordered by Switzerland to the west and the south; and Austria to the east and north; it has an area of just 160 square kilometres. Surrounded by the Alps; it is also German speaking and not like the Slavs, Gypsies, Jews, France etc which Hitler was dead against.

So in all probability; the Nazi fuhrer thought it was a waste of time to invade a country which was similar to them culturally and not a big threat to his Third Reich.

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