Who killed LN Mishra; India’s rail minister in an Indira Gandhi government?

By Sunil Kumar

LN Mishra died on the dais when he was inaugurating a new line in Samastipur; Bihar. The case is a mystery. Former PM Indira Gandhi alleged that a foreign hand(the CIA) was behind the killing. Later; according to the Mitrokhin archive; the KGB had covertly funded Indian politicians from the time of V.K Krishna Menon(communist leanings apparently favorable to the Soviet Union) as opposed to Morarji Desai(with “supposed” right-wing Hindu leanings).

According to the book; the KGB bribed the PM’s office via LN Mishra(her fund-raiser). Mishra was alleged to have received funds.

Source: Indira’s Foreign Hand

In a case symptomatic of India’s slow-moving judiciary; nearly 40 years after the incident(2014); Ananda Marga followers were implicated in the murder; while LN Mishra’s son insists that the people pronounced guilty were “innocent”. According to him; his father was a devout Hindu; and the Ananda Marga followers had no reason to kill him. So; the real perpetrator is still a puzzle if he is to be believed.

The guilty are innocent: L N Mishra’s son’s startling revelation

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