Who is the actual architect of the NE election triumph for the BJP, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, or Ram Madhav?

By Sunil Kumar

Apart from the reasons mentioned in the other answer; the architects of the BJP triumph in the North East are PM Narendra Modi’s charisma, anti-incumbency against a government which ruled for 25 years; Ram Madhav, Sunil Deodhar; and the party “karyakartas”.

Made prabhari(state in-charge) by Amit Shah in 2014; Sunil Deodhar revamped the BJP from a small office in 2014 to a state-wide grassroots organization.

The Leftists as usual have been ruling with a mix of intimidation and fear; the murder of four RSS “pracharaks” in 2001 had successfully silenced them for more than a decade.

India’s North-East which was largely following a mix of animism, Hindu and Buddhist practices a century back has been quietly “demographically” transformed due to American Baptist Missionary activity and Bangladeshi infiltration.

Modi’s ascent to the national spotlight remains a big “positive” for the BJP. Despite the fact that RSS karyakartas are still routinely killed in Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, Punjab etc; the huge amount of disinformation and apathy circulated about nationalist “Hindu” organisations has been subjected to a partial “rethink” due to increased attention.

The CPI(M); a cadre-based organization has a strong grassroots base in Tripura and known for their tactics of intolerance and fear. Deodhar; who has a knack of picking up “languages” and previously set up base in Meghalaya; picked up “Kokborok”; Tripura’s local language and took up very basic and local issues like electricity and water supply, poor roads, apathy from politicians, and the murder of one of Tripura BJP’s tribal leaders “Chandra Mohan Tripura”.

Deodhar previously managed Modi’s campaign in Gujarat’s Dahod, Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi and also channelized social media including Twitter, Facebook; something which the “leftists” smug in their rule; were not accustomed to.

Like other opposition throughout India, they will soon pick this up to spew invective and false information, as the people are prone to be emotionally swayed, despite a basic degree of intellect. Ram Madhav is reported to have attempted to address Christian concerns on “beef” in the North East with the assurance that it is a constitutional provision(been there since Congress rule) and the BJP has no intention to interfere.

I don’t dispute the fact that there are individuals throughout India who are quite patriotic; but most people vote on the basis of local issues; “national” events impact them but are second on their priority lists; unless it becomes a major “catastrophe”. Unlike China; India’s “Left” is a unpatriotic mafia; living in the past, stymied in antiquated ideology which has been abandoned by the former Soviet Union and the world’s most capitalist nation; the People’s Republic. Only good for intimidation, fear and mindless opposition; or putting up Kim Jong posters. Let’s see if the BJP lives up to its election rhetoric and truly transforms the states in question. In a democracy; the voter always has choices.

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