Who is ‘Kshar Purush’ in Bhagavad-Gita?

By Sunil Kumar

According to Ramananda Prasad of the International Gita Society, see this link

Maya in the Gita

‘There are two Purushas, the entities or aspects of the Absolute divine existence, in this world: The changeable Kshar Purush, and the non-changeable Akshar Purush. All created beings are changeable or Kshar, and Akshar Brahm (or Akshar Purush) does not change. (15.16)

There is another Supreme Personality of Godhead (beyond Kshar and Akshar) called Par-Brahm Paramaatmaa, who, pervading the three Loks as the Eternal Lord (or Ishvar), sustains them. (15.17)

I am beyond both Kshar and Akshar; therefore, I am known in this world and in the Vedas as the Supreme Person (or Aksharaateet, Para Brahma Paramaatmaa, Purushottama, etc.)

Lord Shri Krishna says that he is the Parbrahm Paramatma, whose expansions are on two different levels: Akshar or immutable Brahm and Kshar or mutable existence.

When Krishna shows the Universal Form to Arjuna, it is the multiplicity of Kshar Purusa, however the spiritual aspect is beyond this world. According to Vaishnavite understanding, it is Vaikuntha(a place without fault), or ISKCON: a divine Vrindavan(Goloka Vrindavana in the spiritual world)

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