Which is better; New Delhi or Mumbai? Why?

By Sunil Kumar

There should be a little clarity on what you mean by better. Jumping into the eternal Delhi-Mumbai tussle; I’d like to say that both are equally lousy compared to international cities.

I’ve lived nearly all my life in Mumbai but visited the capital many times. Being the seat of political power; I’d say that it has better wider greener roads but too many vehicles and an utter disregard for traffic rules. Like the Lutyens section of the city. Compared to that Mumbai has lousy small roads in most places. More potholes and craters than the moon.

Like the fact that education is less politicised compared to Delhi; which always seems to be a hotbed for a new weekly insurrection. Also Mumbai has a better power and water supply scene; compared to the capital which has more load shedding etc.

Delhi has a lot more history than Mumbai; although India in general is lax in maintaining its heritage. North Indian food is definitely richer, better and more lavish in Delhi; but Udipis, vada pav and other fare is better in Mumbai.

Local trains were good connecting all corners of the city and an exciting adventure growing up in Mumbai; but in the last decade and commenting just after the Elphinstone Road incident; it’s a hellish scenario with more people packing in the same sweat-drenched compartments. You don’t need to watch a reality show; experience “Survivor” first hand traveling in a Virar fast.

Traveling to SoBo in a local train is quick; but it’s also a nightmare most times of the day for the reason mentioned above. Autos and taxis going by the meter; Mumbai better even though that’s deteriorating over the years. Delhi autos and cabs are lousier and never go by the book. Theatre and cinema is definitely more vibrant in Mumbai.

Airports close call; Indira Gandhi is bigger as Delhi NCR has more land; but the recently renovated T2( Sahar airport) is an aesthetic delight. More international connections through Delhi now. Major railway stations; equally stinking and horrible.

Delhi has marched ahead in the metro department; wish that Maharashtra and Mumbai in particular catches up. Traditional Indian sweets better in Delhi and Kolkata; but more food options for those on a limited budget in the commercial capital.

Dislike regionalism in Mumbai; compared to that I’d say Delhi is more open-minded in some places. The capital’s Punjabis are generally less stingier than Gujaratis, Marwaris and Maharashtrians.(Especially in food and hospitality). Mumbai with its much vaunted media hyped cosmopolitanism has some atrocious regional cliques; closeted buildings etc but hey the city has people from every part of India; so the flip side; quite a good mix.

The BMC is the richest corporation in Asia; wish they would do more with our/my taxes; hope that the party that shares power with Mr. Fadnavis stops complaining and does something CONSTRUCTIVE. Delhi with its multiple civic authorities is also not that much better(AAP and the BJP). Safety at night etc; practically everybody in India knows the answer to that; Mumbai wins hands down. That about sums up my views on the subject.

Edit: Just my opinion like many other things on Quora.com. Respect and peace to citizens of both places and the Indian Republic.

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