What were the geopolitical concepts of Lebensraum carried out by Hitler?

By Sunil Kumar

Lebensraum simply put had one simple purpose; “more living space for the Germanic peoples”.

This concept has been used by tyrannical regimes throughout history and is often used in the context of other regimes including China and Tibet; Egypt under Nasser; Pakistan on Bangladesh and others, Israel’s policies as well as the US which is supposed to have propagated a cultural “lebensraum” or imperialism.

Coming specifically to Messrs National Socialist Party, Hitler and his Third Reich; geopolitical concepts of Lebensraum carried out by the Fuhrer were according to his warped racial theories as propagated by Friedrich Ratzel and Karl Haushofer among others.

They wanted the dominant entity to gradually create a new world order in its own image; the Germanification of the subject peoples complete; the whole world would marvel at the Fatherland; the Fuhrer and the inverted Nazi swastika.

With the conquest of Poland; Hitler had his first opportunity to test Lebensraum out with forced ethnic cleansing; building of ghettoes and concentration camps. The Nazis also considered the Slavs as inferior and longed for the bread basket of the Soviet Union; the Ukraine.

kindly note ; am clearly attributing this to the SS leader Heinrich Himmler.

Excerpts from Himmler’s speech in Posen;

“What other nations can offer in the way of good blood of our type, we will take, if necessary, by kidnapping their children. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only so far as we need them as slaves for our culture; otherwise, it is of no interest to me. Whether 10,000 Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interests me only insofar as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished.”

Clear reflection of Germany’s use-and-dispose policy towards subjugated people. In World War II; Hitler had practically all of continental Europe and a substantial portion of the Soviet Union conquered for a few years. A stark dystopian version of Lebensraum is evident in the series “Man In the High Castle” which reimagines the world if Hitler and Japan had won the war.

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