What was the objective of Dalhousie behind the doctrine of lapse?

By Sunil Kumar

Simple. Dalhousie was a Scottish thief, charlatan and a swindler who wanted to please his Queen Victoria by manipulative legal agreements that denied Indian kings, princes and small chieftains their justified rights.

European colonists did not care for the rights of the conquered; it’s simple they were here for plunder; filling their pockets and making themselves and consequentially their countries richer. Dalhousie thought that by this law(Doctrine of Lapse); his job of getting more land for Britain and the East India Company would be easier; and he did his task very ably.

It’s a tragedy that within 70 years of Indian independence; we have multi-billion dollar Indian swindlers like Mallya and Nirav Modi who perpetrate frauds on hapless tax payers and repatriate huge sums to Western countries without any effort on their part. The brown man’s burden. Of course; we can count on Britain and America to turn a blind eye to our home-grown scoundrels as long as they enrich their nations; and lecture us on inconsequential stuff.

In that aspect; Dalhousie seems more honourable in hindsight as he was merely doing his duty for the East India company. His policies produced widespread angst in the population but largely kings and minor chieftains; from which a large majority had assisted the British as they went about conquering the Indian subcontinent.

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