What was Adolf Hitler’s attitude towards Islam and Muslims?

By Sunil Kumar

The Nazis believed that Muslims could be manipulated into being a powerful tool for them. This was due to an Arab Cleric Mohammed Amin-al-husseini; Grand Mufti of Jerusalem calling for Arabs to kill “Jews” wherever they could find them.

Although a large majority fought against the Nazis and Hitler; a significant number – a whole division partnered with the Third Reich. North Africa was a graveyard for the Allies and the Axis; with the local population being onlookers to the inevitable savage clashes between two blood-thirsty powers.

Hitler had declared Muslims racially inferior in Mein Kampf, yet he recruited and met with Al-Husseini. For political convenience; Hitler mentioned that the Mufti seemed to be a man with more than “one Aryan” among his ancestors; and declared him a honorary one.

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