What is/was the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the X-Files reboot?

By Sunil Kumar

Since the X-files was something I liked very fervently along with Star Trek at the time of its original run- the 90s, I am not going to subject it to an analytical critique.

Frankly, I’ll just relate my gut reaction. Although I was initially excited, the reboot did not live up to be hype. Apart from an aging Mulder and Scully, the critical element missing in my opinion was the earlier mystique. The X files mythology, thrilling suspense, unique concepts and sense of anticipation that I used to have earlier was not there.

Just felt that they were dragging it along to please fans. No use flogging a dead horse. The X files was a series that was a cult phenomenon, unique that comes about once in a Mulder moon. Chris Carter should have left it at that.

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