What is your view about Shashi Tharoor’s Hindu Pakistan remark? Will it prove the last nail in the coffin of Congress?

By Sunil Kumar


Tharoor’s remark should be disregarded as it is in line with the Congress policy of minority appeasement which has become a template for most half-assed parties in the country; and political expediency. Worst deal for the majority anywhere on the planet.

This is what erudite spokesman Shashi remarked on Sonia Gandhi back in 2004;

“A builder’s daughter from Turino, without a college degree, with no experience of Indian life beyond the rarified realms of the Prime Minister’s residence, …..;leading a billion Indians at the head of the world’s most complex, rambunctious and violent democracy?”

A complete volte face by Tharoor was expectedly done after his induction by the Congress in 2009 Lok Sabha elections and a ticket from Thiruvananthapuram. His individualist stance could not survive in a party that grovels to the High Command.

After Modi’s election in 2014; forgetting his jibes on the 50-crore girlfriend; Tharoor praised him to some extent and was even named by the Prime Minister in the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.

A landslide majority and consistent heckling by Subramanian Swamy on Sunanda Pushkar’s mysterious death may have led him to believe initially in an friendly relationship with PM Modi’s government.

Now; in true turncoat tradition; Tharoor has sensed anger with the Centre and its policies like GST, demonetisation and haphazard implementation of AADHAR and altered track due to changed political headwinds.

Leftist media types are obviously overawed by his intellect and impressed by his prowess with the English language; which even critics will concede is considerable. Tharoor’s book “An Area of Darkness” is a comprehensive and vicious critique of the British Empire; a work I personally liked.

If this country was like our step-brother to the West; lynch mobs would already be dragging him out and beating him black and blue.

Or Tharoor may have been assassinated like Salman Taseer, ex-governor; a religious zealot otherwise; but was killed in broad daylight for speaking out for a Christian in the Pakistani Punjab. His former confidante Mehr Tarar; who works for Imran’s “Tehreek-e-Insaaf” may have even shared salacious details often in private soirees.

Minorities like Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan would be forcibly converted; killed and abducted. Sacred places of worship would have been defiled and destroyed. No Muslim, Parsi, Christian or Sikh would have ever become PM, President, Chief Justice or reached any position of power.

Every year of Modi’s rule has seen vicious attempts at obstruction, manufactured controversies exacerbated by 24×7 channels analysing and criticising his every move. It is due to a liberal “violent”(Tharoor’s words) democracy like India; that we still have a semblance of sanity despite a barrage of negativity manufactured by people who only want to regain power.

If the guy can write advisory paeans to the majority like “Why I am a Hindu”; he knows that the religion he was born to is the reason India still remains a relatively liberal democracy with more respect to every different tradition than any other place in the world.

His statement should not have been played up to the extent that it was; but it is testament to the shameful tradition of votebank politics and “divide and rule” that Tharoor had so overwhelmingly condemned in the British Raj.

Any sensible person can understand the morass the country will land in if we elect the sordid henchmen of the Congress back.

Lutyens Delhi will again morph into an inbreeding mafia not concerned with the rest of the country; relaxing in their publicly funded bungalows, foreign vacations, “benami” properties and private accounts. The army will not agitate on benefits; as no minister worth his “political” salt is going to listen. Modi’s government may not have achieved success on all counts; but an earnest attempt is still better than nothing at all. “Complex” juggernaut setups like India need atleast 20 years of good governance; if things have to become better.

In that respect; Tharoor is still a relatively mild commodity compared to the wily Chidambaram, “patriotic” Digvijay Singh, manipulative Sibal; sycophantic Azad; an accidental Prime Minister who functions like Dhritarashtra for 10 years; the list goes on and on. Pompous self-important politicians speaking nonsense are played up by misplaced priorities of an intellectually vacuous media setup.

Pakistan was created by the Muslim League due to its insistent opposition to a “Hindu” Congress. If people like Tharoor have their way with nobody having the courage to call him out and protest; we will be on our way to a Pakistan without Hindus.

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