What is your opinion on the writings of Christopher C. Doyle?

By Sunil Kumar

Our “so-called” information age is rich in data; but short on understanding. On a positive note; we have “gyan” in relentless “torrents”(pun intended). Coming to Christopher C. Doyle; I’ve read a few of his books; including “The Mahabharata Secret”; “The Secret of the Druids” etc.

What was my opinion? Doyle takes a lot of facts and history; mixes and mashes; and comes up with a thriller; a yarn that is somewhat entertaining.

I’ve read his own words about his books; he seems to be fond of reading and movies. And as an Indian; he obviously brings in “desi” characters together with figures from history like Ashoka, Alexander etc. So; that’s it; take the author at face value as a writer of fiction; nothing more, nothing else.

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