What is the scientific reason according to Hinduism for ringing a bell before entering a temple?

By Sunil Kumar

There is a scientific, mystical and contemplative reason behind nearly every Hindu practice. Indic culture in general(includes Hinduism and Indic religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc) emerged from a world view that was focused on liberation from the material world. Even atheist and agnostic schools(earliest were in India) emerged from this milieu.

Now regarding the ringing a bell before entering the temple. The precise reason is focusing the mind of the devotee before entering the sanctum sanctorum(garbhagriha) of the place with obeisances to the deity.

A musician(violonist, pianist et al) and anybody around the world who has a perfectionist work ethic would like to remove distractions and refine their craft by repeated practice. Ancient India was a deeply mystical, philosophical and scientific place with a culture that kept spirituality at its core. So, wise sages had devised practices that impacted every aspect of life, including Hatha Yoga(the outward ‘asanas’ which are today popular globally), Ayurveda, martial arts, archery, architecture, dance(Natyashastra) and the deeply spiritual aspect of early Indian classical music.

Every bell was created as a mix of different metals including cadmium, copper, nickel, chromium and Manganese.

The bell is fashioned in a way to produce such a distinctive sound that it synchronizes your left and right brain. When any person rings the bell, then the high sound produced from it lasts for at least seven consecutive seconds, touching the seven chakras of the human body. It is believed that ringing the bell temporarily empties the mind, making a receptive person more sensitive and aware. Obviously, this depends on the person doing it.

It was also believed that this purified the environment of negative forces as well as viruses, bacteria and harmful micro-organisms. The faith component is predominant here, but scientific results are also verifiable, albeit after a lot of testing as science is often reluctant to incorporate a more holistic view of life.

Around the world today, many practices are mere rituals, with humanity not realizing the amount of thought and intent behind seemingly archaic practices. There were bell towers in ancient churches in Europe as well to announce prayer times and transmit a spiritual vibe to the faithful.

In short, ringing a bell produces a more contemplative effect in the individual and removes mayic(material) stress, as well as assisting the seeker in his path towards the source(Supreme aspect)

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