What is the reason why the Khmer Empire is not mentioned in Indian history textbooks?

By Sunil Kumar

Good question. In fact I don’t recall any mention at all of the Khmer Empire in my SSC history text books. Only Nehru’s “Glimpses of World History” mentioned it in some detail.

As for why it’s not covered; if you are really interested; question the state boards, CBSE and the ICSE. In fact; in today’s politically charged environment; anything historical is either interpreted as left-leaning or “saffron”; so history is a very touchy subject.

But; if you mean the Khmer Empire(Suryavarman II, Angkor Wat) and the Indian(South) connection with traders and the Sanskrit cosmopolis; there should actually be no harm in mentioning that(my personal opinion). The latter centuries of the Khmer Empire culminating with the fall of Angkor in the 15th century are not exactly connected with Indian history; which is massive in itself.

In fact; a party interested could start a public interest petition if they are suitably motivated to alter the syllabus in textbooks(different boards). Also; the fact that every board is not homogenous(a comprehensive picture and idea is not available as more detail is given in some states vis-a-vis others). So; proper perspective can be given only when every school history textbook(across boards) is studied to formulate an opinion.

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