What if Hitler hadn’t killed himself?

By Sunil Kumar

Interesting. Let us consider the day Hitler commits suicide in his underground bunker; April 30, 1945. Along with him; his two-day old wife Eva Braun and Alsatian dog Blondi.

In any case; the Germans were losing. Hitler would have had to pay for his atrocities in the war and would have a whole list of enemies out to get revenge; Russians, Jews, Gypsies, the French, the British or the Americans.

There are conspiracy theories that Hitler indeed managed to escape and lived the rest of his life in Argentina; a country sympathetic to the Nazis in World War II.

If he hypothetically remained alive; Hitler would have to disguise himself and sneak out of Germany. Then; migrate to a country with the least probability of catching and handing him over to the Allies with their infamous Nuremberg trials. He could have been lynched, hung upside down like Mussolini or an even worse fate if any of his enemies got to him before official authorities.

Given his infamy in world history; even if Hitler managed to evade global authorities and the formidable intelligence agencies of countries like the U.S; the U.K, the Soviet Union; would be on the run all the time and have to be completely alert about concealing his identity. He would have been appalled if the most hated(in Hitler’s Nazi conception) Jewish Israeli Mossad would have caught him like Adolf Eichmann in 1960 Argentina.

Nascent television networks(of the time) and newspapers would have been extremely excited with an exclusive scoop and interviews with the ex-Fuhrer of the collapsed “1000-year” Reich.

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