What if Fox Mulder met Sherlock Holmes?

By Sunil Kumar

Fox Mulder meeting Sherlock Holmes is a very improbable scenario. However; as we are talking about two fictional characters they can meet in some sort of comics crossover or a science-fiction/fantasy scenario on British/American TV.

Now if the Victorian Holmes met the snappy Yank Mulder; the conversation would range from extra terrestrials to linguistics. Also some mention of Irene Adler and Dana Scully. They could collaborate on solving a very strange case for which there is no easy solution. The cigar-smoking Holmes may launch into an extensive analysis about the similarity and differences between Moriarty and the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Mulder may get exasperated at Holmes and his British blabber; to which Sherlock may respond with a snide remark on uncouth Americans and their frivolity. On an intellectual level; both may be suitably impressed with each other; however Holmes with his panache and verbosity may have an upper hand.

If however you are thinking more on the lines of Benedict Cumberbatch meeting David Duchovny; then it could be more contemporary and even.

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