What do other non black (white, brown skin, Chinese, etc) people think of Black Panther? Do you think it’s worth the hype?

By Sunil Kumar

Finally got the time to watch “Black Panther” in a jazzy multiplex. So; what did I think of one of the most successful “superhero” movies of all time?

Any film is actually a combination of the narrative stemming from the culture in which it is made(Hollywood, Indian, Chinese, European, African, Latin American); the director’s vision and presentation; combined with the most important thing in today’s lexicon; incessant marketing and the consequent hype.

In Mumbai(India’s film capital) terms; the movie was paisa-vasool(value-for-money) strictly on a one-time basis. It employs most of the Marvel movie cliches; has the Hollywood exotic portrayal of accents(I don’t like the Indian ones there) and the story is predictable.

The reason why it’s so successful is probably the token nod to African/black identity and relatively fewer white characters. The Hollywood movies we are used to watching are mostly based around the African-American experience(rap, gang violence, hip-hop etc). This is not a movie about profound angst or an arty pretentious search for deeper meaning(Although some of those movies do leave a lasting impression)

The “positives” in this movie were a “good” message and a noble king; apart from some cool CGI around the comic-book kingdom of Wakanda. Also liked the music and the depiction of the after-life. Nearly everybody will interpret this one in his/her unique way; so I think it lives up partially to the hype; although I don’t think it is a very “great” or amazingly exceptional movie.

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