What could be a different ending to the Scandal in Bohemia by Doyle?

By Sunil Kumar

The original story ends with Holmes being outwitted by “the woman” Irene Adler; his tacit admiration and the King of Bohemia ruing the fact that she was not of his social class; otherwise he would have surely pursued her to a logical conclusion- marriage; most probably.

Different ending;

Victorian times- Sherlock; using his razor-sharp logic and extraordinary deduction manages to catch Adler and get her to admit to blackmailing the king. If she gave him a sob story; he may have let her go or displayed his usual nonchalance and disinterest. Anybody who defeats or outsmarts him like Moriarty is more worthy of the detective’s interest. So; this may have been a more standard end to the story; making it a less remarkable story in the canon.

Present day: Given the interest in Britain and America; the number of “Sherlock Holmes” based TV, film and theatre content produced and a global fan base; we would have a more contemporary end. Holmes would have been in a relationship with Adler; and instead of the original husband Godfrey Norton in the story; Holmes and “the woman” would be chilling on a beach in the Bahamas.

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