What actually happened to the leg of King Henry VIII?

By Sunil Kumar

Henry VIII was involved in a jousting accident in a tournament at Greenwich Palace on 24 January 1536. His queen was Anne Boleyn, for which he had taken on the Pope, created a new Christian denomination(Anglican) in England, as well as appointed himself supreme head.

His decision had a profound impact on the history of his country, and maybe even on India as his daughter Elizabeth through Boleyn laid the groundwork for a country that became more assertive and outward-looking later.

The 44-year old king was unconscious for two hours after being thrown off his horse in full armour with the armoured animal itself falling on top of him. Assumed to be fatally injured, he recovered but his leg problem remained for the rest of his life.

Historians and scientists speculate that there was also an undetected brain injury which made him the amusing despot who is one of the most famous in Britain’s history. The king’s medical problems grew over the years, his ulcerated legs and fat, from a 32 inch waist in his 20s to 52 inches in his 50s, chest from 39 to 53(still less than our great PM), and at the time of his death estimated to weigh around 178 kilograms.

Hygiene was not great in 15th century London, and he supposedly suffered from malaria, small pox and varicose ulcers on his left leg. Due to his physical problems, he may have developed into the wife-executing tyrant he is infamous for or some innate reason. Anyways read here for more facts on him-

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The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant

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