What were the underlying social,political, economic factors that led to many patriotic films made from 1995-2006?

By Sunil Kumar

In my opinion there was no substantial rise of patriotic films in India(1995–2006). In fact; most films after independence were substantially more anti-establishment; espousing socialist virtues(anti-zamindar, thakur, big industrialist); and the British; who we had recently gotten rid of.

Also; Chinese villains started cropping up after the 1962 war; apart from the Portuguese in Goa(very few movies). Even if I agreed with your hypothesis that there were more patriotic movies; one with anti-British sentiments would be most famously “Lagaan” and “Bhagat Singh”.

English: The National Martyrs Memorial built i...

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in English: The National Martyrs Memorial built in 1968 is a memorial for Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, who were cremated here in 1931 after their execution at the Lahore Jail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indian movies have also become increasingly cynical in the past few decades; mirroring contemporary trends globally. By 1996; the British had become a distant memory; and the new enemy on the block was the global terrorist manufactured in ever-increasing batches in the neighborhood.

Liberalization led to more affluence; foreign locales; and item numbers; pop patriotism became a little jaded. In fact the colonial British were more strikingly and authentically represented in the 80s and earlier. The 90s and later have largely been the rise of the inter-continental melodrama; carefully curated by directors to appeal to the Indian diaspora; and the local public.


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