Two To Tango; Three To Jive

English: India Gate, Delhi

English: India Gate, Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar

A sultry evening in Mumbai. I zip through crowded roads and reach the venue; where there’s an assortment of people; young and old; the “supposedly” creative types; and VJ Ranvir Shorey who’s posing with a few people taking selfies.


The play; an adult comedy by Saurabh Shukla is funny; yet serious. Life may not be a bed of roses; but there’s some joie de vivre in the daily process of living; or so Shukla wants us to perceive in this tale; which is a Hinglish attempt to show us warts in the fabric of contemporary Indian society; specifically Delhi.

Playing Parminder Sethi; an affable restaurant owner who wants to end his monotonous life by having an extra-marital affair; Shukla’s performance was good; but pretentious at times. Stereotypes about communities seem to be part and parcel of the Indian playwright’s writing oeuvre; a fact that comes across many times in the play.

To his credit; the play was not downright boring; but some of the one-liners lacked punch. Tangled in a web of complex emotions; ranging from guilt to pure love; Shukla wants us to realize that there are shades of grey in the business of living. The women are charmingly and disastrously self-obsessed; and they give Shukla’s character Sethi quite a hard time; juggling as he is between platonic feelings and overt carnality.

Life in metros seems to be a constant theme these days; especially if they are as noisy, populated and bursting with drama like India. Compared to the inanely verbose women; Shukla wants to appear as a big teddy bear. Though not as funny as “Comedy Nights With Kapil”; this play is a little more dense; and the character of Sethi is brought to the viewing public to laugh at the warped reflection of reality.

So, Saurabh Shukla as the auteur; reasonably interesting play. Waiting for a more rib-ticking; funnier story from the creative minds of India’s acting fraternity.


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