Do you think the Times of India is sexist?

By Sunil Kumar

My Qra answers continued – Seriously; what else could you expect from a newspaper that is in the business of increasing their daily circulation and hyping it every chance they get. However; there is hypocrisy in the Kate Middleton episode.

TOI Building, Mumbai

Visit toi Building, Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Considering the princess has been shown in the buff by the British press; there is no harm done when the Times of India compares her(the wind and the skirt) to Marilyn Monroe(which any avid reader may recall starred on the first cover of Playboy). This cannot be construed as misogyny; it is just an example of some of the people in the TOI newsroom gawking at a very pretty royal. Don’t tell me that India is a prudish society(pretend to be); considering what we have in Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood , IPL cheergirls(long list of examples) these days.

Family of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Visit kate middleton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So; there is a slight element of over-reaction. The Times of India pioneered the “Bombay Times” version of saucy filmy gossip; which I believe has increased their readership in editions across the country(Delhi Times, Bangalore Times, Pune Times etc). As for the TOI in a political perspective; any avid reader knows that their inclinations are equally devious in that department. Enough said!


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