What do you think about the relationship between Kirihara Ryoji and Yukiho in Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Higashino Keigo?

English: Kirihara-ji Okunoin Hasso-Daishi 日本語:...

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By Sunil Kumar

Finished reading “Journey Under The Midnight Sun” recently. Intricately plotted; the book only suggests the relationship between Kirihara Ryoji and Yukiho(incidents in the library, the paper cut-outs for example); and although the reader is pretty sure about the connection between the both; the final scene is typical human pathos and emotion by Higashino; as Yukiho mentions that she never knew Kirihara.

The intensity of Ryo is quite similar to Ishigami; the mathematics professor in the Devotion of Suspect X. The 20 year journey of mazes (riddles inside enigmas) reaches an abrupt and poignant end with his jump.

By selective imagination and interpretation; there was definitely a relationship(more than platonic) after the father was killed in the deserted room by Ryo Kirihara; although this is never explicitly mentioned.

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