In Tharoor We Trust

By Sunil Kumar

The events of the past few days have been nothing short of a Agatha Christie potboiler; or something Shashi Tharoor wrote himself in his multiple novels. As an erudite international jetsetter who condescended to travel with the cattle classes for political expediency; Shashi Tharoor came across as an interesting personality; a maverick of sorts used to the pretentious tastes of the country’s politicking, the sycophantic labyrinth of the national capital; where nearly every crony from all states of the Union gets a reward. Inverse justice for all, especially me!

Shashi Tharoor at the MEDEF Université d'été

Visit Shashi Tharoor  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the “khalajan” across the border; Tharoor was an interesting pick; if we are to believe the late Sunanda Pushkar‘s version of the story. The plot thickens, it is as shady as a Shantakumaran Sreesanth bouncer. Intrigue, intimidation or a political conspiracy. Verbal spats, flirtations or a menage a trois. Pati, Patni aur Woh! Maybe! Three wives and three husbands. The private lives of others; that occupy national and international newspace. The social set seem to have accepted this with the usual fawning banter of RIP! Let the truth be buried in obfuscatory peace.

So, what does lie beneath? Is it all innocence or something more sinister under the surface? A masterstroke perhaps; authored by the pen of somebody intelligent enough to calculate the consequences and squash curiosity to submission! My sincere condolences to those genuinely afflicted!



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