The Tao Of Nature

By Sunil Kumar

Wu Wei” in Taoism is equated with effortless action; or following the stream of consciousness. In simple words; non-action in action; not coveting any goal; a concept similar to the Bhagavad Gita.

Gita Chapter 11:32

Gita Chapter 11:32 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But are philosophical movements really a harbinger of things to come; or mental fantasies generated to pacify a forever changing mental apparatus? It must be a combination of both; but nature tends to often give us reminders of its existence; in more ways than one.

Taoist pictorial representation of dark and light

Taoist pictorial representation of dark and light (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dabbling with koans; or instant enlightenment is something closer to karma cola. In a material existence; only a person obsessed with the world of ideas can try to probe deeper into the so-called surface levels of reality. Somebody won a Gita contest in Mumbai talking about humaneness; or the essential unity of religions. An interesting quote I read recently; every so-called faith is a pearl on the string of divinity.

There is a contradiction in nearly every teaching; apparently because humanity believes that there is something divine; or beyond our normal comprehension. Whether this may or may not be the case; Daoism stresses on harmony with nature; a world both philosophically abstract and pragmatically correct.

The technology matrix is a tool; and making the Gita compulsory in our educational system may not be such a warped idea; as made out by a brain-dead; sycophantic; lip-service to secularism media. But; true meaning can only be transmitted by a well-meaning altruistic teacher; and the world today sometimes appears devoid of such people.

For that matter; the government should also encourage study of the Sufi Way; or traditions in India‘s East; including the reverence the Chinese have for Confucius; or Lao-Tse. In a country with so many godmen; and spiritual movements; there should be real debate on things that matter.

Getting closer to the source was the stated goal of the Taoist masters. As nearly every government in the world; including China and India plunders natural resources in the name of development; a more humane, carefully considered and balanced way could be more profitable to the world in the long-term.

Can people overcome their narrow self-interests and develop a more collective all-embracing philosophy? I know that I can not know. Until then; I contemplate the “Tao of Nature”.


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