What was opinion of Hitler about Indian Freedom Struggle? Whether he had commented anytime on Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru?


By Sunil Kumar Hitler had a very negative opinion about the Indian freedom struggle. He admired the British Empire and their adept exploitation of the “jewel in the crown”; the Indian dominion. In Churchill’s words; a descendant of Huns, Vandals …

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If India had actively participated in WW2, would India have been a developed country just like how the WWs made US a superpower?


By Sunil Kumar If India had been an independent country; and part of the winning side- The Allies; then it may have made some difference to India’s standing- mostly political and not economic. Another big if- as an independent country; …

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Global Infobabble


By Sunil Kumar The three tectonic shifts for news in India this year have been; Demonetization, Brexit and Trump. Although the latter two are significant only for the reams of global newsprint devoted to discussing their implications; demonetization is the …

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Qtn: Was Gandhi a hero or a villain?


By Sunil Kumar Let us analyze Mohandas K. Gandhi. He was indeed a very shrewd organizer who managed to definitely shake the British empire; and became a global icon due to the media of the time; the barbarity of colonialism; …

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