What is Mahasweta Devi’s legacy?


By Sunil Kumar Mahasweta Devi’s work largely comprised of several novels, short stories and poems; and she is known for her novels such as Haajar Chaurashir Maa(Mother of Corpse 1084- backdrop: Naxalite Movement in West Bengal(late 60s and early 70s), …

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Multiple Lives


By Sunil Kumar In the idea of Hindustan; there is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma; a cocoon of “if’s” and “buts”. Today, I write about “Nine Lives”; a book on the mysterious undercurrents of Indian existence. It is easy …

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If I Was A Communist!


By Sunil Kumar There’s something fascinating about the “red” ideology. Equality for all, justice and social parity. Except that this discredited movement has been the reason for more violence and inequality all over the world. The idea is often attributed …

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