Eye In The Sky


By Sunil Kumar There’s no denying that morality in this age is a skewed affair. Technology has evened the stakes a little; but also made the usual suspects even more belligerent. “Eye In The Sky”; a movie based largely about …

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Six Suspects


By Sunil Kumar The final day of the year. Here’s a murder mystery, to keep my hearbeat ringing. The blog to end all blogs, for now. Today it’s “Six Suspects“; a 2009 novel by Q&A(Slumdog Millionaire) author Vikas Swarup. Delhi …

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Litfests, Sex, Rock And Roll


By Sunil Kumar The past week was busy, hectic and invigorating. Something has been attracting me to the sensual aroma of literature; albeit narcissistic and shallow that it is. The usual spectacle of the great Indian moral circus was at …

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