Do Indian texts like the Vedas mention the ancient Persians and Iranians at all?

By Sunil Kumar Giving an answer to your question would be reaching far back into hoary antiquity, when the concept of modern nation-states was not there, and the world was in a fluid civilizational construct. For example, the history of …

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What does the Bhagavad Gita say about a person with a neurological disorder?

By Sunil Kumar The Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Lord Shri Krishna and Arjuna; an attempt to show the path of dharma and an exhortation to Arjuna to do his duty in the Mahabharata war. That is the literal …

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What was winnowing in world history?

By Sunil Kumar An agricultural method. Threshing is separating the grain from the stalks. In early days this was accomplished by men hitting it with a flail(an implement consisting of handle with a free swinging stick at the en). After …

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What happened to Nachiketa?


By Sunil Kumar Nachiketa was given to Yama(the god of death) by his father Vajashravasa after he noticed that only old, lame cows were being offered; and asked which god he would be given to.   After waiting for three …

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How is Brahmin-Varna determined based on one’s birth?


By Sunil Kumar Vedic society was generally non-stratified into a rigid caste system unlike later(a myriad of castes with Vivekananda famously describing Kerala as a madhouse of caste in the late 19th century); but it was based mostly on kin, …

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What is written in the Vedas?


By Sunil Kumar The Vedas are among the earliest literary compilations on the planet; and were probably composed on the banks of the Saraswati river. There are 4 Vedas and 108 Upanishads currently.(1180 originally). They have been regarded as “apaurusheya”(revelations, …

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What is the meaning of the verse 2.29 from the Bhagavad Gita?


By Sunil Kumar This verse is attempting to describe the different notions about the soul; depending on the nature of men. Broadly, most Indic philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita describe men to be under the influence of the three gunas; …

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Q Answers: Rabindranath Tagore On The Vedas


By Sunil Kumar Rabindranath Tagore was the most famous personality of the Thakur family. Thakur in Bengali means a Hindu priest. But Rabindranath’s forefathers were not priests. Their surname was Kushari. Jagannath Kushari was ostracized from the society for socializing …

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Is Christianity An Invention?

By Sunil Kumar The world’s mindscape is full of religion. Much of human history has been inspired by this singular zeal; a fanatical obsession with beliefs that have no rational basis to them except for mass feeling. The truth will …

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