Did Morarji Desai hate Marathis?


By Sunil Kumar Truthfully – to some extent, yes, I think so. Most of what I’ve read about Morarji Desai gives one the impression that he was a strict puritan, a proud Gujarati and a follower of Gandhi. He’s also …

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Is Bachi Karkaria anti-Hindu?


By Sunil Kumar In a few words – probably Yes. Have met and seen Karkaria in many events across Mumbai- my U.K university event in Mumbai, organizing lit fests and an audience in plays etc. According to me, she’s more …

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Is the Mumbai Mirror pro-BJP or pro-Congress?


By Sunil Kumar The Mumbai Mirror is a Bennett Coleman publication(i.e the Times of India group – firmly under the Jain family). Media coverage is dependent on editorial stance and owner pressure(their likes and dislikes as well as proximity to …

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Why did no one ever dethrone the Mughals despite the fact that Delhi was conquered so many times by the Maratha, Durrani, British, etc.?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting question. I will attempt to analyze the three disparate forces mentioned here and possible reasons for why nobody ever tried to dethrone the Mughals. After the invasions in the early 11th century, the Sultanates starting from …

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What is/was the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the X-Files reboot?


By Sunil Kumar  Since the X-files was something I liked very fervently along with Star Trek at the time of its original run- the 90s, I am not going to subject it to an analytical critique. Frankly, I’ll just …

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How did the Congress party manage to win the 1980 elections even after imposing an emergency for a period of 19 months?


By Sunil Kumar Wrong question. Reread history of India. In 1977; for the first time in Indian democracy; a non Congress government assumed power at the centre. In 1980; Indira Gandhi again became the Prime Minister. 57 Vie

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What can be done to counter the atrocity literature developed against India by Western propagandists?


By Sunil Kumar The answer to your question is very complex. A process of systematic denigration of India’s ancient traditions has been in motion for the past 200 years, since the conquest of the subcontinent by the British. For all …

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Is overpopulation the main cause of India not producing great mathematicians like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Sridharacharya and Ramanujan?


By Sunil Kumar According to me; no. All of these mathematicians you mentioned were the product of a different cultural milieu. A way of life that prized learning above all else. The Greek philosopher/polymath Pythagoras acknowledged his debt to the …

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How would the U.K. be different if not for colonialism?


By Sunil Kumar As an Indian who lived in the U.K; is fond of the English language, their literature and the beautiful landscapes of the country, I have mixed feelings when answering this question. How would the U.K be different …

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Is the Wodeyar dynasty of Karnataka (Mysore) an extension of Lord Krishna’s Yadu dynasty?


By Sunil Kumar   A lot of kings, petty chieftains and politicians claim descent from the gods; or being Suryavanshi(the sun) or Chandravanshi(the moon). You should recognise it for what it is; an attempt to instil or garner respect …

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