What were the geopolitical concepts of Lebensraum carried out by Hitler?


By Sunil Kumar Lebensraum simply put had one simple purpose; “more living space for the Germanic peoples”. This concept has been used by tyrannical regimes throughout history and is often used in the context of other regimes including China and …

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The Romanovs


By Sunil Kumar 9th month of 2017. On my visit to the U.K last month; picked up 3 books in Heffer’s Cambridge including this massive tome from Simon Sebag Montefiore; a history of Russia’s last imperial clan; the Romanovs. A …

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Global Infobabble


By Sunil Kumar The three tectonic shifts for news in India this year have been; Demonetization, Brexit and Trump. Although the latter two are significant only for the reams of global newsprint devoted to discussing their implications; demonetization is the …

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Why did India abstain from voting in the Security Council during the Korean war?


By Sunil Kumar India was still upset with the United Nations failure to support it in its land disputes with Pakistan; and the government believed that the United States and other Western countries had sided with Pakistan in its disputes. …

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