Why did no one ever dethrone the Mughals despite the fact that Delhi was conquered so many times by the Maratha, Durrani, British, etc.?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting question. I will attempt to analyze the three disparate forces mentioned here and possible reasons for why nobody ever tried to dethrone the Mughals. After the invasions in the early 11th century, the Sultanates starting from …

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How did the Marathas help the Sikhs?


By Sunil Kumar The story of North India is slightly different from the West(or Maharashtra- The HQ of the Marathas) but there was/is a strand of continuity in the entire Indian subcontinent. After the great Vijayanagara empire was destroyed by …

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Why does Gandhi get all the credit for Indian independence when the British left India largely because of the damage Hitler had caused to them in WWII? Shouldn’t he get blamed for the partition of the country & the death of millions of Sikhs/Muslims?


By Sunil Kumar M.K Gandhi gets all the credit for Indian freedom as he was the most “famous” icon of Indian Independence. Rabindranath Tagore transformed Mohandas into a “Mahatma”. The British left India due to multiple reasons: a “naval” mutiny …

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Can Britons be considered as the reason for the birth of Indian nationalism, which was absent until 1857?


By Sunil Kumar No, actually. A pan-Indian identity and ethos has been present in the subcontinent for a long time; and even foreigners and invaders acknowledged this. Indian identity was in existence since the Indus Valley Civilization with the Sumerian …

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