Who do you like better, Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes? And why?


By Sunil Kumar Tricky question, but simple answer. I like both of them, but Sherlock Holmes definitely ranks higher in my mind. Reasons- Probably because I read ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ earlier, when I was 10 years old, and …

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What could be a different ending to the Scandal in Bohemia by Doyle?


By Sunil Kumar The original story ends with Holmes being outwitted by “the woman” Irene Adler; his tacit admiration and the King of Bohemia ruing the fact that she was not of his social class; otherwise he would have surely …

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Did Arthur Conan Doyle have any addiction?


By Sunil Kumar Did Arthur Conan Doyle have any addiction? Your question probably stems from his most famous creation; Sherlock Holmes and his drug addiction. I’ve read a few biographies of Doyle after spending many happy hours reading Sherlock’s adventures …

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What if Fox Mulder met Sherlock Holmes?


By Sunil Kumar Fox Mulder meeting Sherlock Holmes is a very improbable scenario. However; as we are talking about two fictional characters they can meet in some sort of comics crossover or a science-fiction/fantasy scenario on British/American TV. Now if …

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In Sherlock Holmes, how can Watson say to Holmes that he had never heard of Professor Moriarty in Final Problem, when he had already heard about him in the novel prior to it, the Valley of fear?


By Sunil Kumar Writing fatigue or carelessness from the creator Arthur Conan Doyle probably. Any fictional world is the creation and vision of the author. And for a universally renowned canon like Holmes; amazingly so; as we have been imagining …

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What would happen if Sherlock Holmes would investigate a case in Bihar?


By Sunil Kumar Depends on which Sherlock would be investigating; a 19th century Victorian Sherlock Holmes or a 21st century social media savvy new-age Sherlock . If Holmes along with Watson would be coming to one of “our colonies”; India …

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If given a chance; would you like to be in Batman(Dark Knight trilogy) or Sherlock Holmes?


By Sunil Kumar Since this question is a flight of fancy; I’d like to direct both; the Dark Knight and Sherlock Holmes; and get some share of the profits. Actors are better off doing their parts.

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What happens at the end of the Five Orange Pips?

By Sunil Kumar Thanks, Shubham. The Five Orange Pips is a story that I read a long time back. The story about John Openshaw and his racist uncle Elias who goes to the US; becomes a Colonel for the Confederate …

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Will Sherlock(the series) return?


By Sunil Kumar There have been no official announcements; but the BBC is hopeful that Sherlock will maybe return in two years time. It depends on the schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) and Martin Freeman(Watson) who juggle television and movies a …

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Why are Sherlock and Watson never arrested for letting criminals get away?


By Sunil Kumar Qra answers continued; Sherlock and Watson are usually called upon to assist Lestrade(the inspector) in his cases. As the hero of the short stories; Sherlock is supposed to be the wizard; who dazzles everybody with his brilliance; …

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