How did the RSS fight the 1975 Emergency?

By Sunil Kumar My Quora answers continued; Retired justice K.T Thomas recently praised the RSS for opposing the 1975 Emergency. Some quotes from his speech; ““If asked why people are safe in India, I would say that there is a …

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How was Rahul Gandhi as a student?


By Sunil Kumar Rahul Gandhi was an interesting student. Here’s the official version; Due to security concerns; he was home-schooled; and obtained degrees in international relations and development studies at the Universities of Rollins and Cambridge. Born in 1970; he …

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An Ode To Identity: Kitne Pakistan


By Sunil Kumar Events in the past few days have convinced me of the fact that the people who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Noted Hindi film-writer Kamleshwar has created a poignant masterpiece that tugs at the very …

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