In what ways was Ashoka the great inspired by Buddhism and the Arthashastra?


By Sunil Kumar Ashoka formed a strong empire and like other kings and emperors of the time intrinsically believed in the intrinsic powers of royalty. His religious world-view was tempered by Buddhism to the extent that he is supposed to …

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Why does Greek mythology focus more on being a hero; while Indian mythology on a leader?


By Sunil Kumar I think the difference is in the cultural framework; and looking at things. Greece is a Western society; more individualistic, cut-throat and relies more on personal bravery and aggrandizement. So you have people like Theseus, Hercules, Perseus, …

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How did Ramayana and Mahabharata influence the art and culture of India?


By Sunil Kumar The Ramayana and Mahabharata are synonymous with the art and culture of India. They have had a greater impact on the Indian mindscape as billions of people have been affected and many have lived their lives based …

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Why is Ayodhya often called Koshala and Mithila often Videha?


By Sunil Kumar Kosala(Koshala) is the area synonymous with the present-day Awadh region(close to Lucknow). The Kosala region had three major cities, Ayodhya, Saket and Shravasti, and a number of minor towns as Setavya, Ukattha,Dandakappa, Nalakapana and Pankadha. According to …

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Mythology And Storytelling

By Sunil Kumar A point raised by somebody recently got me thinking; “Do all stories in Indian soaps have their basis in the rich mythology of the country?” In the increasingly glam world of soaps that intrude into the nation’s …

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