Why wasn’t the vice-president Gopal Swarup Pathak made the president of India after his term unlike his predecessors?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting question. For this we have to delve a little into the politics of 60s and 70s India; and the labyrinth of Delhi’s bureaucracy. As everybody knows in India; the office of President is not nearly as …

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Maverick Unchanged – Jethmalani’s Tour De Thought

By Sunil Kumar A book review after some time. Just finished reading noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani’s book “Maverick: Unchanged, Unrepentant”. Although I’ve never been a fan of the loud, opinionated blabbermouth that he is; there is a lot of informative …

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Homeland, Drone Queens And Geopolitics


By Sunil Kumar Sweeping generalizations seem to be an integral part of human existence. A trait which I have often witnessed in everybody; regardless of race and religion. Hit American show “24” creators Howard Gordon‘s “Homeland” struck some of the …

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Joseph Anton


By Sunil Kumar For those of us who like to read; the Indian diaspora has always churned out books in regular intervals. The Bombay(Mumbai) convent; is a strange concoction; loud rowdiness interspersed with the aspirational value of education; something the …

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The Age of Kali


By Sunil Kumar Following up on the last post; “The Age of Kali” seems to fit in. The kind of thing most of people would expect to be associated with Kolkata. But no; this is a review of the other …

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By Sunil Kumar In the land of glum; there was a smiling king; a rajah who lived happily ever after. Apt introduction; could be. But very difficult to write about “I am Malala”; the story of the girl from Swat. …

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Mumbai 26/11


By Sunil Kumar “Bombay…..Nothing’s gonna bomb that way. Bom, Bom, Bombay…Tell me what you gotta say”. Back in the times when Mumbai was still Bombay, Remo Fernandes composed this ditty for “Poptime” on the city that looms large in the …

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