Which is better; New Delhi or Mumbai? Why?


By Sunil Kumar There should be a little clarity on what you mean by better. Jumping into the eternal Delhi-Mumbai tussle; I’d like to say that both are equally lousy compared to international cities. I’ve lived nearly all my life …

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Which degree did Dr. Ambedkar do in London?


By Sunil Kumar Dr. Ambedkar completed three degrees in London M.Sc: 1921 June, London School of Economics, London. Thesis – ‘Provincial Decentralization of Imperial Finance in British India’ D Sc. 1923 Nov London School of Economics, London ‘The Problem of …

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Was India’s first nuclear test named Smiling Buddha in response to the US fleet stationed in the Bay of Bengal? Had India not tested the nuke; what would be the result?


By Sunil Kumar There are two versions why India’s first nuclear test was called “Smiling Buddha”. Device detonation was on 18 May 1974(Buddha Jayanti) – a festival marking the birth of Siddhartha Gautama aka the Buddha. Also; according to Shekhar …

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The Age of Modi


By Sunil Kumar In the digital age; the quest for fifteen minutes(seconds, nanoseconds) of fame has led to an explosion of ideas; and egotist odes to oneself. The current PM of India seems to have ridden the cusp of this …

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Two To Tango; Three To Jive


By Sunil Kumar A sultry evening in Mumbai. I zip through crowded roads and reach the venue; where there’s an assortment of people; young and old; the “supposedly” creative types; and VJ Ranvir Shorey who’s posing with a few people …

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Holi And India’s Daughters


By Sunil Kumar At the outset; a Happy Holi to everybody! There’s something to be said about the festival of colors; another occasion for people to get together; in the wider pantheon of the country‘s multiple festivals. Personally; I have …

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Fifty Shades Of Jhadu


By Sunil Kumar To be, or not to be; that is the question- Whether tis’Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings And Arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take Arms against a sea of troubles; And, by opposing, end …

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Bharat Mata Ki Jai!


By Sunil Kumar If there’s something to be said about the world; it’s the remarkable pretense that all of us exhibit. The power media seem to be uncrowned czars of the nation; and social media has given the wisdom of …

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