What will happen to the BJP after Narendra Modi?


By Sunil Kumar  Undeniable fact that PM Narendra Modi’s charisma; his fame/infamy(depending on your personal opinion) has led to a resurgence of the BJP. The BJP was in a very fractured state before the rise of Modi; and it …

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Are PM Modi’s statements about Nehru in the Indian parliament true?


By Sunil Kumar With due respect to PM Modi; his opinions are partially true. So;yes and no.We know that jihadi toadies and their media outlets have an oversized impact in India with their own blinkered self-serving version of history; and …

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Should Narendra Modi ban the BBC just like Indira Gandhi?


By Sunil Kumar If Mr. Modi even contemplates banning the BBC; we would have to contend with another barrage of fascist allegations; the murder of democracy and squashing of dissent. The loudest voices in this crusade would not be British; …

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Jaipur, LitFests And Life


By Sunil Kumar My 244th Post on this site. About the flowing river of partial cerebral ecstasy that is the Jaipur Literature Fest. By now; I’m sort of a veteran of this relentless idea/thought/self-importance blabbering described as a meeting crossroads …

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What exactly happened when Indira Gandhi devalued the rupee on 6/6/66?


By Sunil Kumar Throughout the 1950s and the 60s; India had high trade deficits. The Indian rupee had been pegged to the pound sterling for a long time; and even in 1966; a lot of international trade happened in the …

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How did Modi and Swamy manage to evade arrest during Emergency? How was life affected?


By Sunil Kumar My answer originally appeared on a knowledge-sharing network; Quora. Actually; S. Swamy’s story is more thrilling than Modi’s. According to the book “The Emergency” by Coomi Kapoor and online interviews given by Mr. Swamy; he and JP Narayan …

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Was there any visible change in Indira Gandhi’s working style after she was re-elected as PM in 1980?


By Sunil Kumar After the 7th General elections were held on 3rd and 6th Jan 1980; Indira Gandhi again became the 8th Prime Minister with a landslide victory of 353 seats; on Jan 14th.   Her prime-ministership(the final innings of …

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What are some fascinating facts related to the rise of India’s BJP?


By Sunil Kumar The BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party), founded on April 6, 1980 was an offshoot of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, established in 1951 by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. After the first non-Congress government dissolved in 1980; erstwhile members of the Sangh; …

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What are personal relations like between Maneka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi?


By Sunil Kumar The world’s largest democracy; and its most chequered and celebrated family; the two main Gandhi women; are as different as chalk and cheese. Although; they share the same profession; politics; their long history and relationship with the …

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee


By Sunil Kumar “A successful politician is someone who means all things to all people”. This enigmatic phrase seems to sum up this insightful biography of Vajpayee; by Kingshuk Nag. For someone who is psychologically invested in the future of …

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