What was the role of Maratha kings in the fall of Vijaya Nagar Empire?


By Sunil Kumar Founded in 1336 after rebellions against Tughlaq Rule in the Deccan; the Vijaynagar empire was a mighty kingdom that sparked a cultural and artistic renaissance in South India. Harihara and Bukka who established the kingdom are generally …

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In the early days of colonialism; who was the Briton with multiple wives?


By Sunil Kumar The question is slightly incorrectly framed; as some historians have mentioned that when the East Indian company had just started to make inroads into India; interracial marriage was quite common. So; there must have been multiple contenders …

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What does Nehru write about Shivaji in the “Discovery of India”?


By Sunil Kumar My Qra answers continued: Excerpts from Nehru’s Discovery of India; “Only an Akbar might have understood the situation and controlled the new forces that were rising. Perhaps even he could have only postponed the dissolution of his …

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