Why did no one ever dethrone the Mughals despite the fact that Delhi was conquered so many times by the Maratha, Durrani, British, etc.?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting question. I will attempt to analyze the three disparate forces mentioned here and possible reasons for why nobody ever tried to dethrone the Mughals. After the invasions in the early 11th century, the Sultanates starting from …

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How did the Marathas help the Sikhs?


By Sunil Kumar The story of North India is slightly different from the West(or Maharashtra- The HQ of the Marathas) but there was/is a strand of continuity in the entire Indian subcontinent. After the great Vijayanagara empire was destroyed by …

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Why did the East India Company become hostile towards Tipu Sultan?


By Sunil Kumar Tipu Sultan was the ruler of Mysore in the last two decades of the eighteenth century(1700s). After the death of his father Haider Ali; Tipu fought three wars against the British East India Company; and it was …

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Which force was more instrumental in the destruction of the Mughal Empire, Nadir Shah or the Marathas?


By Sunil Kumar Consider the Mughal Empire as a fine old building; decaying and about to collapse in 1857. Founded by Babur; expanded by Akbar; Aurangzeb’s reign sees a consolidation and puritanical intolerance. Two formidable enemies are more forged by …

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What was the role of Maratha kings in the fall of Vijaya Nagar Empire?


By Sunil Kumar Founded in 1336 after rebellions against Tughlaq Rule in the Deccan; the Vijaynagar empire was a mighty kingdom that sparked a cultural and artistic renaissance in South India. Harihara and Bukka who established the kingdom are generally …

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In the early days of colonialism; who was the Briton with multiple wives?


By Sunil Kumar The question is slightly incorrectly framed; as some historians have mentioned that when the East Indian company had just started to make inroads into India; interracial marriage was quite common. So; there must have been multiple contenders …

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What does Nehru write about Shivaji in the “Discovery of India”?


By Sunil Kumar My Qra answers continued: Excerpts from Nehru’s Discovery of India; “Only an Akbar might have understood the situation and controlled the new forces that were rising. Perhaps even he could have only postponed the dissolution of his …

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