Which character should be made responsible for the Mahabharata war?


By Sunil Kumar I think your way of viewing the Mahabharata War as a blame game is totally wrong. Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, but this was a ‘dharma yuddha’, not a normal terrestrial conflict where …

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¿El Bhagavad Gita sigue siendo leído en India?


Por Sunil K Sí, el Bhagavad Gita todavía se lee en millones de hogares indios. La base de la cultura y el pensamiento de la India se ejemplifica en religiones como el hinduismo, el budismo, el jainismo y el sijismo. …

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Did Achilles meet Hercules during the war? After the death of Achilles, who led the Greek Army?


By Sunil Kumar Although there is no comparison; let us for a moment compare Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey with Veda Vyasa’s Ramayana and Mahabharata. If Hercules can be compared(only strength wise to Hanuman) and Achilles to the greatest war in …

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Mythology And Storytelling


By Sunil Kumar A point raised by somebody recently got me thinking; “Do all stories in Indian soaps have their basis in the rich mythology of the country?” In the increasingly glam world of soaps that intrude into the nation’s …

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