What do you think about the relationship between Kirihara Ryoji and Yukiho in Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Higashino Keigo?


By Sunil Kumar Finished reading “Journey Under The Midnight Sun” recently. Intricately plotted; the book only suggests the relationship between Kirihara Ryoji and Yukiho(incidents in the library, the paper cut-outs for example); and although the reader is pretty sure about …

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He Who Must Not Be Named!


By Sunil Kumar Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter literary canon knows about Lord Voldemort; the evil nemesis behind any nefarious plan hatched by the pure-bloods against the Muggles; the half human semi magical community. J.K Rowling‘s creation has spanned …

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Global Soul


By Sunil Kumar In the age of the internet; most of us are global souls. Remember a fascinating discussion on the subject in the JLF last year. So, today’s blog is going to be about Pico Iyer and “The Global …

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