Why did Morarji Desai resign?


By Sunil Kumar Morarji Desai’s reputation as a tough nut and a strong follower of fellow Gujarati M.K Gandhi was forged even before independence. Interesting snippets: The oldest of eight children and son of a school-teacher Morarji Desai became part …

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How was Rahul Gandhi as a student?


By Sunil Kumar Rahul Gandhi was an interesting student. Here’s the official version; Due to security concerns; he was home-schooled; and obtained degrees in international relations and development studies at the Universities of Rollins and Cambridge. Born in 1970; he …

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What are personal relations like between Maneka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi?


By Sunil Kumar The world’s largest democracy; and its most chequered and celebrated family; the two main Gandhi women; are as different as chalk and cheese. Although; they share the same profession; politics; their long history and relationship with the …

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Indian Summer: The Bose Mystery


By Sunil Kumar In the pantheon of Indian icons; Subhash Chandra Bose remains a singularly fascinating and enigmatic figure. The national drama for independent India involved the sacrifice of innumerable people who remain unsung; without the obvious iconography of famous …

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