How is jet fuel traded?


By Sunil Kumar Jet fuel is rarely traded in exchanges and usually involves hedging; an “over-the-counter” futures contract between two parties. Fuel prices and airline profits are volatile; so to stabilize this component in their balance sheet; jet fuel is …

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Why did Sanjay Gandhi slap Indira six times at a dinner party?


By Sunil Kumar This is a famous story about Indira Gandhi and Sanjay reported by Washington Post Journalist Lewis M. Simmons. Supposed to have happened some time before the Emergency in 1975. Also mentioned by various media; and Vinod Mehta …

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Q Answers Series: History Of The Sikhs In Shanghai


By Sunil Kumar The Qtn: What is the History of Sikhs in Shanghai? I read somewhere that the Shanghai Military police recruited Sikhs from British India for proper law and order implementation.. Can anyone provide detailed information about this please. …

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