What was opinion of Hitler about Indian Freedom Struggle? Whether he had commented anytime on Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru?


By Sunil Kumar Hitler had a very negative opinion about the Indian freedom struggle. He admired the British Empire and their adept exploitation of the “jewel in the crown”; the Indian dominion. In Churchill’s words; a descendant of Huns, Vandals …

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What if Hitler hadn’t killed himself?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting. Let us consider the day Hitler commits suicide in his underground bunker; April 30, 1945. Along with him; his two-day old wife Eva Braun and Alsatian dog Blondi.   In any case; the Germans were …

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Is India turning into a Hitler’s Germany?


By Sunil Kumar If India was truly Hitler’s Germany; no freedom to ask this question. The Gestapo would have located you; forced you to pledge allegiance to the “Swastika” and become part of Hitler Youth. Also; some work for the …

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How did the RSS fight the 1975 Emergency?


By Sunil Kumar My Quora answers continued; Retired justice K.T Thomas recently praised the RSS for opposing the 1975 Emergency. Some quotes from his speech; ““If asked why people are safe in India, I would say that there is a …

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Why was Hitler defeated in Russia?


By Sunil Kumar Hitler was defeated in Russia for a simple reason: he was overconfident, smug and arrogant. The long story; after Hitler began rearming Germany in the mid 30s and assisted the winning side in Spain; he saw the …

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What were the geopolitical concepts of Lebensraum carried out by Hitler?


By Sunil Kumar Lebensraum simply put had one simple purpose; “more living space for the Germanic peoples”. This concept has been used by tyrannical regimes throughout history and is often used in the context of other regimes including China and …

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