Did Nehru go for the Salt March?


By Sunil Kumar   The Salt March or the Dandi Satyagraha was one of the greatest acts of defiance and PR successes of the Indian freedom struggle. Receiving no response from the British Viceroy Irwin about his complaint about the …

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Why did Europeans develop the curiosity to explore the world and/or colonise, but not Indians, Chinese or Muslims in the early modern period (after 15th century) even though they were quite advanced in science?


By Sunil Kumar Wholly dependent on the political situation in all these nations vis-a-vis the Europeans. For India; practically all of the subcontinent was overrun by barbaric Muslim hordes coming from West and Central Asia. How could Indians(or Indic kingdoms) …

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What were the motifs and patterns used in the Mauryan period?


By Sunil Kumar The Mauryan period is regarded as one of general affluence and a stable, unified empire in ancient India. Stone sculpture and architecture was prevalent in vast swathes of the subcontinent since the Indus Valley Civilization. However; we …

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Could French have become the ruling power in India instead of the British if they had not recalled Dupleix in 1754?


By Sunil Kumar This is a very old question I have heard about in some books dealing with the period. Historical speculation. Much as I would like if European powers had packed up their bags sooner; Quora was an Indian-made …

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