Jaipur, LitFests And Life


By Sunil Kumar My 244th Post on this site. About the flowing river of partial cerebral ecstasy that is the Jaipur Literature Fest. By now; I’m sort of a veteran of this relentless idea/thought/self-importance blabbering described as a meeting crossroads …

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Will proponents of Akhanda Bharat now face criminal charges?


By Sunil Kumar “Akhanda Bharat” which is a snide reference by this questioner; does not connote anything wrong or offensive. The Indian government has always acted in conformance with the sensitivities of the people; and this has been the case …

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Eye In The Sky


By Sunil Kumar There’s no denying that morality in this age is a skewed affair. Technology has evened the stakes a little; but also made the usual suspects even more belligerent. “Eye In The Sky”; a movie based largely about …

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St. Arnab And The Dragon


By Sunil Kumar With International Yoga Day out of the way; and Lalitgate still raging on; it is time to investigate the curious phenomenon of St. Arnab and the Dragon. Christian theology equates the dragon with evil; an all-encompassing phenomenon …

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The United States of “Hypocrica”


By Sunil Kumar Land of the unfree; home of the double-speak. If there’s one country that has global currency; literally and figuratively, it’s the United States of America. Beyond the historical brief that practically everybody must be aware of, America …

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